21 February, 2018 17:53


David Kilpatrick


My Ole College Buddy in Cambodia

In Phnom Pehn, Deedra Bingham joined our team for over half of our trip. Deedra and I were friends from Multnomah Bible College in Portland, Oregon. Deedra works for Cadence, and has recently moved to Cambodia for ministry there. She plans on living in the city for 6-12 months as she studies the Khumer language, and then she’ll leave for a rural community in northern Cambodia to work in several villages.

It was great to see her again, and we look forward to seeing how God will use her efforts in Cambodia.

Mark’s “Ministry”

Mark Draws, Stands, and Poses

Angkor Wat Temples

Today, we are being tourists and spending the day at the temple complex outside Siam Riep.

It’s an pressing place, one that I’ve wanted to visit for some time. So far, so good!

Three Weimers

Unit 14

We spent two days with the people on the Cambodian military on the base. Our team had a VBS, and had studies with the men and the women.

It was an excellent time with this community.

Out and about in tuktuks.

Central Market, Phnom Penh

On the Way to Unit 14

We left PP to go north to a military camp that Cadence works with. Starting tomorrow, we will run VBS for the children, and teach the adults in church. Looking forward to it.

Here are a few shots if the landscape, definitely different than the city. I especially like the reflections in the pools of water.

Keep Eagles Away from Your Baby

I saw this strange poster on the wall. Someone told me that Photoshopping babies is popular here in Cambodia.

Fun stuff! I’m going to go this for Hudson when I return, and then I’ll hang it in his room. He’ll treasure it forever.

During the Day

There were up to a dozen neighborhood kids hanging around, and they were fun to interact with. I do wish, however, I knew the Khmer translation for, “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.” I didn’t, so we played around with them instead.

After the work, Dan and LeeAnn took us for a tour in the village. This helped us to see the people the house will serve.

Our Battle Against Human Trafficking

After begginning with prayer, We spent the day today cleaning and prepping a new building for Asian Hope. This new ministry center is in the heart of one of the villages most susceptible to human trafficking. Asian Hope is working very hard and very strategically to engage this battle on many different fronts. Ultimately we need Jesus to transform the village, city, country, and world.

Cleaning House

Today, we spent the day cleaning a newly aquired house for Asian Hope. This will soon serve as a community center, prevention office, school, church, and skills center for a village where children are in danger of trafficking. The center opens next month.

It was hard, but good, work.

Walking Around Royal Palace

Before dinner, we walked around the Royal Palace, a place of opulence in a poor city of a poor country.

We were able to take a boat ride over dinner along the riverfront where we watched Phomn Pehn’s living room come to life. We watched outdoor group aerobics and raced an elephant. The elephant won.


Resettlement Village

Today, we visited a resettlement village moved by the Cambodian government. This group of a thousand families had no jobs or no schools. Recently, a factory opened to provide jobs. We met Pastor Abraham, a minister fighting for the rights of these people. Through Abraham’s efforts, there is clean water, a school, and a church.

These kids showed playfulness and joy. David and Jeremy gave their share of shoulder rides.

It was an excellent morning.

At Logos: neighbourhood kid outreach